Original Air Date: November 25th, 2017


MH2 was on hiatus for a few weeks due to the baseball playoffs and world series. A few weeks have passed, and it's the week before Halloween.

Previously on Monster Hearts 2

Cuts to commercial for Dominos.


It's the monday before Halloween and everybody's excited about the upcoming Halloween party on Friday. Mr. Kildall is explaining not to do anything stupid or dangerous on Halloween.

Ingrid and Sofia remain ominously missing. Xavier sits in Ingrid's seat reading the Sonic Youth lyrics scratched into her desk.

Vivian walks over and offers Xavier a piece of gum.
Vivian asks Xavier if he knows where Ingrid might be. He replies he doesn't know.

They decide to ditch homeroom to try to find Ingrid. Mr. Kildall tells them only one student at a time can use the bathroom. Xavier make it known that this. is. an. emergency. He lets them go.

They both leave behind textbooks/notebooks/various school supplies. However, Xavier does retain his copy of Catcher in the Rye that he had been storing in his cargo pants.


Vivian and Xavier hoof it to the speedway where Donna is working. Xavier asks Vivian for a piece of gum, but she drops it on the pavement.

They enter the convenience story. Vivian goes to talk to Donna, and Xavier sits at his usual table (but with his back turned to the register).

Donna is also interested in chasing down Ingrid, and they decide to meet up after Donna gets off work.

Ingrid's House

They decide to check Ingrid's house, and set off on Vivan's motorcycle.

While investigating the house they get caught by a woman saying she is Ingrid's grandmother. "Call me Dotty. I'm not old enough to be a grandmother."

They sit down with Dotty for oatmeal prune cookies. Xavier excuses himself to the bathroom, but takes a detour to visit Ingrid's room. He swaps his copy of Catcher in the Rye for her copy of The Giver after penning a message in it.

They bid adieu to Dotty who gives them more oatmeal prune cookies.

Pizza Hut

Vivian and Xavier decide to chill at the Pizza Hut for a while, and grab some P'Zones and the salad bar.

Xavier finds a scent he likes on Vivian that he describes as the good kind of "dead bird having been trapped in the walls of a house for some time" smell. He asks her out on a date, but gets shot down.


Donna calls county police, and asks Tim about the fire on the football field. He says he hadn't heard anything about it, but also says he'll call the local PD and ask about it for her.

Donna's House

Vivian and Xavier meet up with Donna. They ditch Xavier to go to Donna's house.

Vivian sees a Dead Can Dance CD in Donna's collection that she just needs to have.

They start to talk about the phone that went through Donna's window, and decide to dial up the last number called.

Tim answers, and is confused why Donna has the phone. While holding the phone up to both their ears, Donna tries to put the moves on Vivian. She fails spectacularly, and ends up smashing the phone into Vivian's face at a high rate of speed.

A tarry ooze that tastes like burning and pennies begins to leak from Vivian's nose. Everybody is very confused.

The conversation between Donna and Tim resumes. Tim says he'll swing by the Speedway the next day to pick the phone up.

Burger King

Vivian and Donna ditch Xavier to go to Burger King on Vivian's motorcycle to see if they can pick up any useful information about Ingrid's whereabouts from the other teens that hang out there.

Sofia spots them in the parking lot, and asks Vivian if she got her messages. Vivian doesn't remember any messages, but recalls what she's talking about while Sofia is trying to drop the subject.

Donna pumps Sofia for information about Evylyn, and things take a turn when Sofia insults Vivian's messed up nose. Donna tries to attack Sofia, but fails spectacularly and ends up putting her fist in to Vivian's face at a high rate of speed. More tarry black ooze seeps from Vivian's nose.

Vivian smiles and tells her, "Hey! Do that again." Donna punches Vivian in the face again.

Sofia, incredibly horrified by all this, storms off.

Burger King Bathroom

While tending to Vivian's ooze facing wounds, one thing leads to another. Vivian loses her virginity in the stall, and develops a new hunger for pain.

Vivian asks Donna to make her feel alive.


Xavier gazes into the abyss at Speedway and eats a piece of gum dropped onto the pavement by Vivian. He asks, "where is Ingrid?"