Original Air Date: September 16th, 2017


Welcome to Childers, Illinois. This is the motherfuckin' pilot episode. It's the third week of September.

Home Room

Homeroom started. There are student council elections happening, and students made short commercials to advertise their candidacies during the homeroom news broadcast.

During production of this video an error appears to have occurred. The tape seemed to have been re-used, and snippets of spooooky footage were able to be seen/heard.

Donna was notified of this via text message from Stacy.

There is an announcement at the end of the home room news about a missing storage room key.

Donna's House

Donna shows Stacy her CD collection. Stacy is very taken with the Batman Forever soundtrack, and agrees to find out where Ingrid lives in exchange for it.


Everyone decides to go to Speedway after school.

Ingrid attempts to buy cigarettes, but is rebuffed by Donna who is asking for ID. A local lawman witnesses this, and escorts Ingrid from the Speedway.

Vivian uses the commotion as an opportunity to lift a few odds and ends from the convenience store sans payment.

Xavier, hanging out by the tables, has a chance encounter with a tortilla chip out of place/out of time. This gives him a glimpse of a key being stashed in a desk drawer.


Evylyn attempts to bring soup to Sofia, but discovered that she was not in fact sick.

Evylyn is annoyed by this.

Bar altercation

Ingrid and Evylyn find a common cause in their passionate hatred for Donna. They decide to go to the country bar.

They run into the lawman from this afternoon there who says people like Ingrid shouldn't be in the bar. Weirdly he seems to have no problem with Evylyn.

The encounter is escalated when Ingrid chucks a beer at the back of the cop's head and incapacitates him. The officer's girlfriend manages to relay what happened to the appropriate authorities despite difficulties grabbing her cell phone.

Football Field

Ingrid and Evylyn chuck the cell phone through

Ingrid and Evylyn go to the football field and, for some reason, decide to set fire to it in the shape of the words "FUCK DONNA."

They make out on the hood of Evylyn's car.

The fire burns itself out quickly due to the general dampness of the area, and the words are made unreadable by rain early the next morning.

The next morning

Ingrid wakes up to the scent of burning car wafting into her nostrils.

Vivian receives a message, "The most disgusting thing is the pile of suits."